We love BBN. – Anny Udofia

We love BBN.

The slight change in the prices of petroleum products as well as utility bills is never a direct concern. We rarely buy fuel except to feed in the generators and watch BBN.

And who cares what PHCN bills become, we dey even see the light? Even if light dey, Na our parents dey pay the bills, while we watch BBN. A lot of us are dependents above 30 years of age, but that cannot tamper with the love we have for BBN.

And while we are still soliloquizing on Kiddwaya and Laycon, the Senate is rumpling and rewriting some bill papers on another bill to emasculate us…

“Something about Borehole billing/ tax”.
Since we found a way around the inefficiency of government to fix the public water supply system – which most countries totally depend on for portable water, the government wants us to pay.

We spend hundreds of thousands to pay for drilling boreholes in our land. We buy the pumps and treat the water regularly, or get sick of typhoid. We buy fuel to pump water and the government just wants to bill us for that.

Now, do we ever get to ask why these oppressive bills are usually rushed through in seasons when majority of the active populace- the youths are engrossed in some distractions? Like the BBN- which we love, football seasons etc?

One day, we will have to pay for the Nigeria air we breath.

While we are diligently glued to the television set, I just thought I should bring this to your notice.

We love BBN.

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