Who is angry with Peter?

“Tax avoidance is the use of legal methods to minimize the amount of income tax owed by an individual or a business. This is generally accomplished by claiming as many deductions and credits as allowable. It may also be achieved by prioritizing investments that have tax advantages, such as buying tax-free municipal bonds. Tax avoidance IS NOT the same thing as tax evasion which relies on illegal methods such as undereporting income and falsifying deductions.” – INVESTOPEDIA

Going by the above and other relevant citations, I have failed to see what crime former Governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi has committed. If nothing else, the Premium Times article has only ended up showing Mr Obi’s financial dexterity, focus and sound financial background.

For a man who governed Anambra state with prudence, delivering excellent democratic gains to his people at the cheapest available cost and has not been found wanting by the laws in Nigeria nor the agencies saddled with the responsibilities of dealing with graft – what then is Peter’s offence?

Apparently some new set of persons see Peter’s ‘cleanliness’ as a threat to their political future. With the clamour for a southern president and Peter’s impeccable credentials – who is threatened enough to launch this campaign of calumny against Mr Obi?

In the buildup to the 2019 presidential elections, people who have no idea of how the economy works nor have read any financial report(with understanding all their lives) mocked him – sarcastically calling him “China man”, when he spoke brilliantly at different foras on how the Nigerian economy should be run. Is this the continuation of that mockery?

With the first class failure of the Buhari administration, it is very possible for its fanboys, sycophants, praise-singers and beneficiaries to go all out against any brilliant politician who they perceive as standing in the way of the continued stay of APC(All Progressive Congress) in power; on the flip side, is Peter’s enemy within his own PDP(Peoples Democratic Party) family? Are those who see power as their exclusive preserve trying so hard to ensure they demarket this brilliant gentleman?

Whoever is angry with Peter should understand that he(Peter) has worked hard to build a legacy of verifiable excellence and it’s going to take nothing but his outright failure in another position he(Peter) will occupy in the future to erode his legacy.

Mr Peter Obi has earned his stripes, Nigerians know who they want and most importantly who represents the interest of the ‘poor’ masses. If they think Peter has committed any crime, they know what exactly to do – after all they ‘own’ Nigeria!

Once again I ask – who is angry with Peter? Show up and let us know what exactly the issue is.

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