Yahaya Bello ready to shed his blood over elections. – Natasha Akpoti

Candidate of the Social Democratic Party(SDP) for Kogi Central Senatorial district, Barrister Natasha Akpoti has accused Governor Yahaya Bello of being behind the politically motivated violence witnessed in Kogi state.

Since the campaigns began, Kogi state has witnessed different levels of violence on all parties contesting in the state and in some instances death of party faithfuls. Several opposition parties like the PDP, SDP, ADP have accused Yahaya Bello of sponsoring thugs and also using the state vigilante group to disrupt their campaigns ensuring aspirants vacate the state.

Responding to a comment on live television made by Kingsley Fanwo, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Yahaya Bello, about her not having a “proper family”, Natasha stated that she has been verbally abused by Yahaya Bello and his appointees as well as being discriminated against because of her gender and religion, in addition to the physical assaults and killing of her supporters.

Ms Akpoti added that Governor Bello is not prepared to allow any other party contest elections in Kogi State. “The Governor actually told me that he is ready to shed his last blood in order not to be disgraced before his father president Buhari, he told me so. That no seat in Kogi state will go to any party other than the APC. He said he was not going to take chances with that and that actually is a threat. I have mentioned that out in the public”.

Ms Akpoti assured her supporters of her determination to continue with her campaigns despite the level of threats and intimidation. She appealed to President Buhari to call Governor Bello to order. “With all due respect to the president, I don’t see him as an ambitious person. He doesn’t strike me as someone who will want his own blood to be spilled for his own personal ambition, so it is actually extremely wrong to have the Governor of Kogi state hide under the shadows of the President to unleash and satisfy his own personal agenda of becoming a lord in Kogi state. We don’t want violence anymore, enough is enough”.

Senator Dino Melaye has also accused Governor Yahaya Bello of being after his life, destruction of his constituency projects and also orchestrating his current travails with the police.

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