You can’t protest in Port Harcourt. – Wike

Port Harcourt residents have ignored the press release by the state government banning all forms of protest within the state.

In a press release made last night, Governor Nyesom Wike made it clear that following the disbanment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS) by the IGP, there was no need for a protest.

However, residents of the state have ignored the governor vowing to continue with the protest as it’s being done in other states. As earlier as 6:30 am protesters had started arriving the Port Harcourt pleasure park along Aba, for the 9am kickoff.

Speaking to Chance-media, a protester Nonso Eze, wondered why the governor would suddenly wake up to issue such an inconsequential order, knowing fully well it won’t be adhered to.

“Abi Wike has forgotten how he was shouting up and down in this state accusing Akin Fakorede? There was hardly a day he didn’t accuse SARS of one atrocity or the other.

Even during the rerun elections has he forgotten the role SARS played? Well, he has said his own, we are here to do our own.”

Also speaking Chisom Nnadi said she wasn’t surprised at the Governor’s utterances “Wike has always wanted to be a tyrant. Ask even those working with him, many of them can’t tell him anything. The annoying thing is he hates being oppressed, but sees nothing wrong in ensuring others are under him. He should pray the protest is peaceful, else even his gate will be blocked”

Singer and Businessman, Duncan Mighty, was also spotted at the Port Harcourt pleasure park with other protesters.

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